Las "SRL" simplificadas

Simplified LLC

Simplified Limited Liability Companies (“SRL”).

It has been published in the Official Gazette, General Resolution No. 5/2017 of the Office of Corporations (IGJ), which establishes a simplified registration process for Limited Liability Companies. This simplified method, effective as of tomorrow (July 12, 2017), will comprise the following aspects:

1. Registration within 24 hours of submission. This, as long as the procedure does not deserve observations and is presented under the procedure of urgent procedure.

2. Tax ID. At the time of enrollment, the Tax ID code (CUIT) will be assigned to the company. For this reason, together with the rest of the documentation required by General Resolution 7/15, the affidavit Form of the Federal Public Revenue Administration must be submitted. (AFIP Form No. 185).

The application required to complete this affidavit will be available from the IGJ website.

3. Corporate books. At the time of registration, the sealing corresponding to the corporate Books, Inventory and Balance sheets and minutes will be issued at the same time of registration.

Through the issuance of this Resolution it seems that the guidelines established in the Entrepreneurs Law and the simplification of registration procedures are extended.


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